Tooth Whitening

Bright, white teeth and a big smile. Its what we all aspire to, but to achieve it we may need a little help.

PK Dental are experts in tooth whitening, and our preferred method for safety, ease and consistency of results, is in-chair whitening performed by one of our dentists at the practice.

You can complement your in-chair whitening with a PK Dental take home whitening kit. The take home kit consists of specially created trays which are moulded to your own teeth, and our unique whitening gel. The take home whitening kit and additional whitening gel are available for separate purchase at PK Dental.

If you’re thinking about teeth whitening, it’s important to have a whitening examination first. During this appointment we can assess whether you are a suitable candidate for it, explain what is involved, discuss the results you are likely to achieve and provide an estimate of the cost.

You can make a whitening examination appointment with PK Dental at a convenient time for you.